All the students of the B.Ed., and M.Ed., Programme join together and form their association called ‘RDB Education College Students Union’. This association provides opportunities to develop qualities of leadership and improve organizing ability. They invite speakers who are well versed in Tamil literature and popular in social work, fine arts, etc. to address them from whom they could gain more knowledge required for their future life. They also conduct literary and cultural competitions among themselves. Further, they organize inter-collegiate competitions. This establishes a good relationship with outsiders and makes them understand the society.


To utilize the vast experiences and expertise in different walks of life of the parents of the students for the benefit of the institution, the college has established a ‘Parent – Teachers Association’. The father or mother or guardian, as the case may be, of each student becomes the member of the Association. They are invited periodically to give their opinions about the functioning of the College and also to give their guidance and suggestions for the improvement of performance of the institution. The composition of the members of the Association will vary every year depending upon the admissions of the corresponding year.


RDB College of Education is proud of having trained more the 500 students belonging to B.Ed., and M.Ed., courses during the short span of 4 years since 2007. They are all well disciplined, intellectually developed, morally upright, societal concerned, sincere and loyal to their job and institution. All these students have formed an association called RDB Education College Alumni Association with the following objectives :

       >  to ensure mutual help between the alumni and the institution,
       >  to provide a common platform for professional interaction,
       >  to provide opportunities for personal and professional growth and development,
       >  to enable linkage with different kinds of organizations in the field of education,
       >  to extend need based service to the community.

Every student who completes the course in the college becomes a member of the association. The association conducts general body meetings as and when necessary. A special point to mention about the Alumnae is that they are spread over India and abroad.


To create an awareness in the minds of the student teachers about the importance and need for the protection of the environment, a GREEN CLUB is functioning in the college. The Club involves all its members in tree planting within the college campus and also in the nearby villages. Environment Protection awareness meeting and processions are also conducted periodically by the club.


Opportunities have been created to bring out the best talents hidden in the individual student through Fine Arts Club. This club conducts events periodically in which the students of B.Ed., and M.Ed., courses prove their skills. This practice helps them to win prizes in competitions both inside and outside the college.


An association called ‘Pudhumai Pengal Sangam’ (Modern Women’s Association) is functioning in the college. All the girl students of the RDB College of Education alone are members of the association. The members select their President, Secretary, Treasurer, etc. by themselves. The association arranges periodical meetings and lectures to increase their awareness on their legal rights, various facilities provided by Central and State Governments exclusively for women, women employment opportunities, health problems peculiar to women, etc. Sometimes, in collaboration with the nearby ladies clubs such as the Lioness Club the association organizes meetings outside the College campus also. One of the lady staff will be the staff advisor of the association.