Courses Offered


The course is of one academic year commencing in June / July. The medium of instruction is English. The course is under non-semester system. The students are trained in observation of classes, practicing micro teaching and class room teaching, conducing of citizenship training, communication skill, self-motivation, positive thinking and empowerment.

Course Content :

The program consists of both theory and practical components. The theory part consists of 3 core papers, 1 elective and 2 optional.

(a) Core Subjects

1. Education in the Emerging Indian Society
2. Psychology of Learning and Human Development
3. Educational Innovations and Management

(b) Elective Subjects

1. Human Rights Education
2. Peace and Value Education
3. Environmental Education
4. Guidance and Counseling
5. Perspectives in Special Education
6. Computers in Education
7. Curriculum Development
8. Pre-Primary Education
9. Physical and Health Education
10. Library and Information Resource Management
11. Safety and Disaster Management Education

(c) Optional Subjects

1. Tamil
2. English
3. Biological Science (Botany, Zoology)
4. Commerce
5. Economics
6. History
7. Mathematics
8. Physical Science (Physics, Chemistry)
9. Geography

Under practicum, every student must undergo school based teaching practice for a period of 40 working days in the school to which the candidate is deputed for internship training.


The course of study shall be for a duration of one academic year under non-semester system. A pass in B.Ed., with not less than 50% marks (rounding off of marks to the next higher integer is not permitted) in Theory and Practicals, separately, is the eligibility criterion for admission.

Course Content

The course consists of three core papers, two electives (to be selected one from each group offered by the University) and dissertation.

(a) Core Subjects :

1 Philosophical and Sociological Perspectives in Education.
2 Advanced Educational Psychology,
3 Research in Education.

(b) Elective Subjects :

Candidates can choose any two electives one from Group I and the other from Group II from the following subjects

Group I Subjects

   >   Primary and Secondary Education
   >   Teacher Education
   >   Non-formal Education
   >   Comparative Education

Group II Subjects

   >   Curriculum Development and Instructional Technology
   >   Women’s Education
   >   ICT in Education
   >   Education for the Children with Special Needs

(c) Dissertation

   >   The dissertation report should not exceed 120 pages
   >   The dissertation must be submitted within 10 days after the last date of theory examination conducts by the University
   >   The dissertation should be typed in English / Tamil
   >   The candidate should face Viva – Voce examination which will be conducted by external examiners.


85% attendance is compulsory for submission of application to appear in the University Examinations for both B.Ed., and M.Ed., students.

The B.Ed., candidates must secure not less than 50% marks in each of the six theory papers with a minimum of 45% in the external examinations in each paper. Similarly, every candidate must secure not less than 50% in each of the practical activities for which weightage is given, to pass in practical examinations.

The M.Ed., candidate must secure not less than 50% marks in each paper to pass the examination.