There are spacious and well equipped laboratories for physical science and biological science. Facilities are available in these laboratories to conduct practicals from Standard VI to Standard XII. The important items available in these laboratories are Tangent galvanometer, Meter bridge, Potentio meter Physical balance, Screw guage, Vernier caliper, Logic gates box, campass box, Lechlanche cell, Therma meter, Ganong’s potometer, Microscope, Microproceesor and such other relevant items.



The psychology lab provides facilities to conduct the following tests.

1. Aptitude Test
2. Attitude Test
3. Intelligence Test
4. Personality Test
5. Interest inventories
6. Verbal
7. Non-verbal

These tests are conducted with the help of the following equipments available in the laboratory.

1. Tachistoscope
2. Muscular Test
3. Stop clock
4. Muller – Iyer Illusion board
5. Horizontal – Vertical illusion board
6. Size – weight illusion blocks
7. 49 cards
8. Yerkes multiple choice apparatus
9. Steadiness tester
10. Miles step maze
11. Mirror drawing apparatus.


The following equipments are available in the Education Technology Lab.

1. TV. and VCR
2. LCD Projector
3. Over-Head Projector
4. Audio recorder / player
5. Still Camera
6. Video Camera



In the era of information technology, knowledge of the use of computers has become inevitable. To train our students on computers, a separate Computer laboratory with 50 systems has been established. The students have free access to the systems, apart from their planned periods, during their free time.