Students Services


A Placement Cell is functioning in the College. One of the faculty is in-charge of the cell. The Principals and Head Masters of various nearby High Schools, Higher Secondary Schools and Matriculation and Matriculation Higher Secondary Schools contact the institution either through letter or over phone and ask for their requirements of teachers in different subjects.

The Placement Officer, in turn, informs the students about these vacancies and arranges for interviews either in the College Campus, or in the concerned school. The placement cell thus helps the recruitment of the institute’s teacher trainees.


Physical health is equally important as mental health. To ensure physical health of the students, they are given training through various sports activities under the guidance and supervision of a qualified Physical Director.

The college has provided facilities for both outdoor and indoor games.

A large ground for the use of out-door games and a closed hall for indoor games are available within the campus.

The male students are trained in games such as volley ball, khokho, khabadi, athletics etc. and similarly the female students are trained in shuttle coke, ball batmititon, tennis, etc.

In the case of indoor game, table tennis, chess, carrum, etc. are available.

The students are allowed to involve themselves in sports activities every day. They are also given opportunities to participate in Inter - Collegiate sports at University level and State level to prove their skills and win prizes.



Every human being wants to live a happy life. They will be happy if they could adjust themselves to the environment. Education is meant for preparing the students for such an adjustment. To train the student teachers for an adjustable life, a community camp is organized every year. The main aim of the camp is to make the students prepare themselves for a better and adjustable social life. The camp will be held for 5 to 7 days in a nearby village. The students are engaged in making socially useful productive work such as cleaning, road lying, tree planting, etc. Programmes on art of living, awareness creation on health, cleanliness, small savings, legal rights, etc. are organized every day, in the camp.

Every day the students are given training in yoga in the morning and they conduct cultural programmes in the evening.



It is a fact that many students and staff have more knowledge than required which can be utilized for the benefit of the institution. For the purpose of attracting the ‘Best Knowledge’ of the students and staff, a ‘Suggestions Scheme’ has been introduced in the institution. This scheme functions under the supervision of a ‘Suggestions Committee’.

The Secretary of the RDB College of Education is its Chairman. The Principal, one senior staff, and two student representatives (one from B.Ed., and one from M.Ed., courses) are the members of the committee.

The Committee will open the Suggestions Box periodically and record the suggestions received. All the suggestions received will be very carefully analyzed and steps will be taken for the implementation of the suggestions which are possible for implementation. The Best Suggestion giver will be recognized during the Annual Day Celebrations.


Counseling is an important part of the curriculum. The academic counseling starts with the beginning of the academic year where the students seek guidance in choosing their electives, selection of schools for teaching practice, etc.

A staff member is in-charge of students counseling. He attends to the emotional and psychological needs of the trainees. In case of need, an adhoc committee is formed to deal with the academic and behavioral needs of the student trainees.


It is a fact that no one is without a grievance. The students of this institution are no exception to this rule. To redress the grievances of the students and staff a ‘Grievance Redressal Cell’ is functioning. The Principal and one of the teaching staff (usually the staff – in – charge of ‘counseling’) are the members of the cell. Whenever necessary, the Secretary of the College will also sit with the members of the cell.

A student or a teacher or a non-teaching staff who has a grievance may approach the staff-in-charge for the redressal of the same. The staff-in-charge will take all the instigative to redress it. If it is not possible by him, he will call a meeting of the cell. The cell, with or without the Secretary, will redress the grievance to the maximum satisfaction of the aggrieved.


There are two hostels – one for boys and the other for girls – run by the management commonly for the students of the RDB College of Arts and Science, RDB College of Education, RDB Teacher Training Institute and RDB Matriculation Higher Secondary School. Double and treble occupancy rooms are available in the hostel.

To help the students acquire current knowledge, news papers both Tamil and English are made available separately for boys and girls. Similarly a TV with multiple channel is available in the hostel for increasing knowledge and time passing of the inmates. At the request of the students, library is kept open everyday beyond 6.00 p.m. during examination days.